Healthy Christmas Party Tips!

Nov 30, 2011 by

I personally love this time of year! We have many family traditions that we enjoy together and hopefully, will pass them down to our children. One aspect of Christmas that I find challenging is the holiday parties. I thought I would share a few ideas to assist in keeping our holiday food splurge in check.

Before attending a party plan on eating a healthy snack before you leave. This will help you feel in control and not overeat. An important key is portion control during this time of year.

Schedule exercise the best you can.

I’m a big believer in wearing something a little snug around the waist during the day too! This will be a reminder not to overeat. If you’re wearing elastic pants at home or work you will notice you eat more during the day.

When enjoying an evening out, especially if it’s a buffet, scan the buffet first. Don’t just jump in feet first. Think through your choices and how you will feel if you don’t overeat.

For those of you that like coffee or tea after dinner this is great way to not be tempted by those high calorie desserts. If desserts tempt you, play a game with yourself and eat only half the dessert. You will walk away not feeling guilty and enjoying a small tasty treat.

If you’re unsure of the menu, offer to bring a healthy side dish that you enjoy. Many times I will bring a festive and colorful veggie tray so I know there will be something I can enjoy throughout the day and feel good about my choices.

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays! The more you stress about food and overeating the more you will. Be kind to yourself and offer yourself grace.

Wishing you Inner Thinner Peace!

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