Food for thought.

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I love coaching women that will finally develop a healthy relationship with food. Often women stress over how much to eat, how often to eat and simply just feel overwhelmed. I recently ran into a woman at an outing and asked her if she would like to enjoy some healthy food that was sitting out on a buffet table.  She immediately said with very little excitement, “No I’m on a diet.” It saddened me that she was putting such pressure on herself and couldn’t see food as healthy but rather as being under restrictions.

Ladies, if you’re walking around worried about your food intake then you haven’t created a healthy relationship with food yet. Our food intake should be treated like a friend, with respect and understanding. Often we struggle with food because we use it as an escape. 

 When we make poor food choices it’s normally because we are bolting from what is in front of us such as pressure from work, family, poor inner dialogue, stress and the list is endless. When we address the issue we become bold, strong and confident and able to stop viewing food as an escape.  The emphasis is now on the situation, not the food, and we stand confidently confronting the problem at hand. How does this help with our relationship with food? We are no longer running to food for support or comfort, rather we are taking responsibility in the area that needs to be addressed. Food will be there when you’re physically hungry not emotional hungry.  Food for thought!

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